Blue Ridge Acres Civic Association

The Blue Ridge Acres Civic Association, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit business in 1979 for the purpose of

providing a legal entity whereby the persons owning real estate in Blue Ridge Acres subdivision may make provisions and rules and regulations for the common benefit of all the property owners in such subdivision pertaining to maintenance of roads within such subdivision, street lighting, enforcement of restrictive covenants, security to the extent possible, civic projects and the doing of any and all other lawful things within the territorial confines of said subdivision which may directly or indirectly be for the common benefit of each and all persons owning a present or contingent fee simple interest in real estate in such subdivision.

[From the Civic Association’s articles of incorporation]

The Civic association owns and is responsible for the maintenance lot and barn, the postal station and over 13 miles of road within Blue Ridge Acres. Please note that roads in section 14-16 are easements – the individual property owners actually own the roads (property lines are at the center of the 30′ easement). Roads in sections 1-12 are owned by the Blue Ridge Acres Civic Association. There is no Section 13.

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