Join the Community Club

Your membership in the Blue Ridge Acres Community Club helps to pay for the maintenance of all Club facilities and grounds: pool operation, pool staff salaries, grounds maintenance, Clubhouse and Orchard house maintenance, taxes, etc.

Membership is tiered – owners can join as a basic member with full voting rights and access to non-pool club sponsored events (additional event cost may be applied) for only $150. Adding the facility use fee of $210 gives access to the pool and riverfront. Renting residents may join for the basic rate plus the facility use fee (no voting rights). Membership for non-residents is $400 and includes access to the Blue Ridge Acres pool and riverfront.

Membership runs May 15 of the current year to May 14 of following year.

Use the form below to submit your Club membership application. You can pay online by credit card securely through Paypal or mail your check.


You can also print and mail a paper application (PDF):
Community Club Application ?Homeowners and tenants

Membership Type I own property in Blue Ridge Acres
I rent a house in Blue Ridge Acres
My parent(s)/child live in Blue Ridge Acres and are Full Club members
I do not live in Blue Ridge Acres

Community Club Membership

[$150] Base Club Membership Fee ?Basic membership fee - mandatory
[$210] Facility Use Fee ?Add pool and river access to your Club membership

Please select any applicable discounts:

Single Member Household (You only, no dependants) ?Just you - with no dependents
Two Member Household (You plus ONLY ONE dependant) ?You, plus one dependent (spouse or child)
Senior Citizen ?5% discount for senior citizens

Associate membership is for adult (non-dependent) children or parents of full members owning property in Blue Ridge Acres. Associate membership entitles you to full use of all club facilities. Associate members do not have voting rights at Club meetings.

Associate Community Club Membership

[$110] Individual ?One associate member with no dependents
[$200] Family ?One associate member with pool / river access for associate member's dependents

?Please enter the first and last name of your sponsor. They must be current Club members and Blue Ridge Acres property owners.

Seasonal membership is for those who do not live in Blue Ridge Acres. Seasonal membership entitles you to full use of all club facilities including the pool and river access. Seasonal members do not have voting rights at Club meetings.

Seasonal Community Club Membership

[$400] Full Use of Pool, River & Facilities

[$35] Add Guest Pool Pass Book (10 passes per book). Guests may not be residents/property owners in BRA. ?Guest fees are $5 for 14 years & older, $3 for 4-13 years, and free for 3 & under

About You

Your Dependents

Your dependents are members of your immediate family who may use the pool and other Community Club facilities. Dependents listed must meet IRS definition of 'dependents'. Add 1 dependent per line listing name, age & relationship.
Dependents must be listed to be allowed pool access
e.g., John Doe, 5, Son

You can not claim the two-member household discount if you have more than one dependent listed.

Terms and Conditions

Blue Ridge Acres Community Club, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation. The operation and expansion of Club Facilities and all Club Property (including the pavilion, pool, recreational and picnic and riverfront areas) is controlled and operated solely by the Club.

Members shall be entitled to use and enjoy, together with their dependents and personal guest(s) the recreational facilities of the Club, subject to payment when due of such dues, guest charges and assessments as may be fixed by the bylaws or the Board of Directors. This application is subject to approval of the Membership Committee, and, if granted, may be revoked at any time by the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws for breach of the rules and regulations of the Club. Membership runs May 15 of the current year to May 14 of the following year.

I hereby make application for Membership in the Blue Ridge Acres Community Club, Inc., Jefferson County, West Virginia. If accepted for membership, I will be subject to all rules and regulations of the Club now in effect or which hereafter may be adopted.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by all Club rules.